About Us

iCar Finance - Helping You Attain Halal Car Loans

We want to make buying your ideal car as easy as possible while sticking to Islamic and ethical principles that are Halal and value-based.

We know that the best car finance options for you will vary depending on your circumstances and needs. We want to make sure that we meet all of your expectations while sticking to Halal fundamentals.

We feel that everyone should be able to benefit from attaining car financing options in the UK in an easy manner without the worry of unethical or interest based practices. Let iCar Finance help you spread the cost of buying your next car over a number of months or years while ensuring Islamic values.

Who Are We

Our aim is to ensure that Muslims get access to a trusted Islamic and Halal car loan provider and that non-Muslims have access to an ethical method for purchasing a new car. Our team of experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and philanthropists believe that everyone should be protected from costly interest-based contracts and avoid falling into crippling debt.

What We Do

With a large and growing Muslim consumer market facing a lack of car financing and loan options that adhere and comply to their religious beliefs, iCar Finance has embarked on providing solutions that are ethical, value based and compliant with Islamic Shariah principles.

Interest Free Car Purchase UK

Our Solutions

With increasing rates of poverty in the UK, a growing disparity between the rich and poor and a lack of founding options for many, we aim to offer tailor made shariah compliant contract solutions to our clients, value based services to our partners and support the needy and vulnerable through our charitable programs to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from our social ventures.

Our Relationships