Advisory Board


To ensure that our practices, car loan agreements, partnerships, business model and operations adhere to the highest standards in promoting Islamic car finance products and services that are Halal, we have engaged a range of scholars and Islamic experts to sit on our advisory board to ensure we are up to date with the latest rulings and developments within the industry.

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With our combination of experts and experienced entrepreneurs, along with the guidance and knowledge of Islamic finance specialists, we hope to develop the best possible Halal car purchasing options in the UK.

At iCar Finance, we’re all very passionate about delivering great customer experience and our mission and objective is to ensure that you feel confident in getting the best possible options with flexibility.

"The Religion is Sincere Advice"

Islamic Tradition

With our sincerity in pursuing perfection when it comes to setting shariah-compliant standards, we strive to create the right team that can continuously audit and improve our processes ensuring compliance and Halal practices. With this, our approach will be one of integrity with constant and steady improvements to ensure we always offer the best service with the right intentions.

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